Let's Preserve the Science Twitter Graph

Twitter is a valuable resource for scientists, and we want to preserve the network in case of Twitter technical or organizational failure. While failure is unlikely, we think it's worth having a backup plan. By archiving the follow graph now using ORCIDs as enduring keys, we'll be able to re-hydrate the graph later if necessary (e.g. on Mastodon, blogs, etc.). Data is fully open under a CC0 license. See our privacy policy for what OpenCheck asks for from you, requests from Twitter and ORCID, and what we store.

Step 1: Link Your Twitter

Step 2: Link Your Other IDs

Step 3: Confirm

Science Twitter Archive Data

Two data sets are provided: An ORCID->ORCID follow graph and an OpenCheck->OpenCheck follow graph.

This data is licensed under the CC0 license.