OpenCheck is an error-seeking community that acts as an epistemic filtering and pumping station. We're early in our development and have not released any products, but we are releasing some foundational projects, such as Identity Verification.


Identity Verification

PROTOTYPE: This is an experimental project right now and you should not trust it yet.

We believe a foundational element of trust in internet communications is authenticity of social media accounts. When you see a Twitter (or other) account purporting to be someone, you should be able to easily validate authenticity with high confidence.



This identity verification system is not validation of anything other than real-world identity and the person's (or organization's) social media accounts. It is not a credential of any kind. We do, when available and relevant, link to verified credentials, such as published academic papers.

We're just getting started with our identity verification project. We're using a combination of ORCID, OpenAlex, and Wikidata to bootstrap the system. Data is available under the CC0 license. You do not need to apply for verification. We'll find you based on our analysis of influence and risk. If you want to become an early identity verifier, please read more.

Science Twitter Graph Archive

In case of organizational or technical issues with Twitter, we have started archiving the follow graphs of academics and others. All data is open under the CC0 license.

Who We Are

OpenCheck was started and is maintained by John Beatty. John previously co-founded Clover, a large payments platform. OpenCheck is a project of Metarational, LLC. We expect the corporate form and governance to evolve to ensure longevity and legitimacy if OpenCheck begins to achieve its goals.