PROTOTYPE: This is an experimental project right now and you should not trust it yet.

Seed Identity Verifier Program

If you are a published academic and you want to become an early identity verifier, please contribute to the Science Twitter Graph Archive project. If we're able to provisionally verify you, you'll be invited to start verifying accounts. All you need is a Twitter and ORCID login. Additionally, you need a verifiable publication history associated with your ORCID (we use OpenAlex for that -- we'll take care of this automatically).

For your work of verifying people, you'll be listed on a leaderboard of identity verifiers and people will see your identity verifications on the pages of people you verify. You're doing them a favor! Note that your track record matters: falsifications against your verifications will count against you.

We're starting with published academics because there are good global identity systems to bootstrap from and most academics are trained in empirical observation.

How Can I Get Verified?

We'll get to your account if it purports to be a real-identity human -- our goal is to verify or falsify all of them. We're focusing our attention on social media accounts with the highest PageRank accounts (per social graph) near our seed verifiers (in graph embedding space), as this combines the factors of public risk minimization, evaluation ability, and verifier interest.